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BACKGROUND, Vision, Mission, Values, Goal and Projects


NRD is a non government organization, non-profit and non-served in direct and indirect for political parties. It is the local NGOs which focus on developing rural areas and especially ethnic minority. NRD was established by a former program coordinator of Oxfam Australia base in Kratie province and other companion since January 07, 2012 at Trorpang pring village, Sangkat Kratie, Kratie City of Kratie province, Cambodia. It was registered as 670សជណ in Ministry of Interior of Cambodia at May 28, 2012.

All NRD organizers used to work with Oxfam Australia in Kratie province and Stung Treng province. It was a good development partner for government that cooperated with Department of Rural Development, Health department, Education/youth & Sport Department, Agriculture Department, Women Affairs Department, Water Resource & Meteorology Department, Fishery Administrative, and Provincial Committee of Disaster Management which have built both physical and non-physical efficiencies. We still remember all humanity activities which worked in Sambor district of Kratie province, Siembok and Thala Borivath district of Stung Treng province, where other development agents rarely go, for over 10 years. We learned a lot of experiences which we can use it in the future for NRD’s project.

NRD directly implement to beneficiaries of 22 villages in Sambor district of Kratie province and 25 villages in Siembauk and Thala Boriwatt districts of Stueng Treng provinces and we will try to spread out some new vulnerable target villages in Cambodia as we can.

2.  Project Starting

If you talk about the creation of Northeastern Rural Development Organization (NRD), we would like to say thanks to Oxfam Australia top manager in Cambodia at that time that provided a lot of materials from Kratie project to NRD to make office stuff and one motorcycle  to start Fishery Community project and strengthen Community Basis Organization project.

3. Searching For Donors

The organizers of Northeastern Rural Development Organization (NRD) are former Oxfam Australia (OAus) staffs who have experiences of working in rural area with ethnic, minority and high responsibility for community, donors, local authorities and other related institutions.

Below are our vision, mission, values/principle, goal and project of Northeastern Rural Development Organization which we have to follow in present and in the future.

NRD really need donors if you are generous whether you are national, international or other donor agencies give away your own property or property from your institution to NRD, it means that you participate in helping poor and vulnerable people who most of them are ethnic minority at rural area in Kratie and Stung Treng province where is difficult to go and other development institution rarely go there.

If you and other donor agencies cooperate with NRD, you can go there and you will see their poverty and discuss with them. Our staffs are happy to accompany you go there in both way, Mekong river or road that we have to go through forest with dancing road.


In a society that respect human rights, living with equity, justice, harmonization and fresh environment for the next generation.


To develop in partnership to all countryside in Cambodia, encourage people, community based organizations (CBOs), local authorities to be active to empower, human rights respected, materials and technical supported to indigenous women and vulnerable people to get a better livelihood and dignity of living.


-Solidarity, neutral and non-served of political parties.
-Be a partner in all action to develop rural society.
-Respect and implement the laws, all rights (nationality/ inter nationality)
-Be a model of all development activities.


To develop Cambodia in peace, dignity, tolerant, for all sustainability and non
encroachment of environment together.


- Fishery Community, Village Bank and Community Base organization
- Economic equity
- Information, voice and women activities
- Water Sanitation and Hygiene and Humanitarian in crisis
- Sustainable agriculture with climate change.

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