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Ms. Sau Suntry


Women empowerment in community fishery network.

Name: My name is (Mrs) Sau Suntry (សោ សុន្ទរី)I am 55 years old and my husband is (Mr) Sin Khuon (ស៊ិន ឃួន). He is 63 years old. We have four children (three sons and one daughter), now we still have one son live with us. Beside this they have married.

Main Occupation: Rice farming and vegetable growing, fishing and rice mail also. (ម៉ាស៊ីនកិនស្រូវ)

Village: Chueng Peat Village, Koh Khnhe commune, Sambo district, Kratie Province, Cambodia.

Before NRD started in the village:

My family was a normal family in the village. We grow rice farming, vegetable growing, pig raising and fishing also. I was a member of Koh Khnher commune council. I used to participate in village meeting such as Fishery law dissemination and Gender concept awareness.  I have been participated more training course in and out village such as SRI technical, Planning, Purchasing procedure and Commune Development affair also. But all people in the Chueng Peat village still not understand all the technical, Fishery law and did not participate to protect the illegal fishing also. 

NRD projects in the village, involvement and changes created:

My family has been involved with NRD since September 2013. I was selected as the Fishery Conservation zone committee of the Prek Sen Lake in Chueng Peat village and Committee Fishery Network (CFiN) in the Sambo district (first vice chief of CFiN). I have opportunity to participate in training about public speaking on air methodology, workshop on Gender in the Hydro-power dam construction. Moreover I participated to discussion in the radio program FM 98.5 with sharing the good experience and my concern to other people NGOs and Government by on air.     

After participating in the training and all activities, my family and me understood the advantage of speak out and the fishery resource, especially community fishery networking. I had involved and lobbied the villager to establish the fishery conservation such as meeting, select the committee, fishery zone demarcation and install the signboard. Moreover I strengthened on sharing information on illegal fishing for intervention on time.

Besides implementing the activities in the village, I have involved in the Community Fishery Network at district level and reserve to participate in others training course.

Future hopes:

In the future I hope to expand the fishery law dissemination to all villages in the commune and district also.

The fishery resource, will be increase through the villagers understand and participate to protect the conservation zone and illegal fishing.

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